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LETTER from Play catch Club

SNS was built to accomplish a social mission
- to make the world more open and connected.

Today, our society has reached another tipping point.

We live at a moment when the majority of people in the world have access to the internet or mobile phones - the raw tools necessary to start sharing what they’re thinking, feeling and doing with whomever they want.

After the March 11 earthquake,
the Japanese government has faced with a big problem on how to help people and businessess to recover. but the government do not have enough money to spend.

We hope to change how people relate to their governments and social institutions.


We believe SNS help people share can bring a more honest and transparent dialogue around government that could lead to more direct empowerment of people, more accountability for officials and better solutions to some of the biggest problems of our time.

By giving people the power to share, we are starting to see people make their voices heard on a different scale from what has historically been possible. These voices will increase in number and volume.

They cannot be ignored. Over time, we expect governments will become more responsive to issues and concerns raised directly by all their people rather than through intermediaries controlled by a select few.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

We believe that we have an opportunity to share your daily life.
We look forward to building something great together.


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